(mood pas nulis : CRAVING)

I shouldn’t look for these demi pleasure, kalau these are given to me then I would take them as a fulfillment for my needs. Temperance is not an ignorance about basic needs moreover can be very beneficial. (But, it’s hard)

On my post, Battlefield, I value these dessert as good looking, very attractive, come in different forms and flavors. It is a distorted judgment that has been clinging on my mind.


Some say, once a lover, always a lover. It means there is nothing you can do or change about yourself. Teacher says, you can’t control the externals but you can always control yourself. Two perspectives and which one do you think is ridiculous?

Personally, I haven’t tried to do as Teacher said, so… Again, why not? What harm I could possibly get from giving my effort on this process? Lately, I’ve been learning to follow his advice however the temptation is lingering like a very sensual scent.


My judgment contributes to personal attachment towards these things (sometimes, some people too). I try to be aware that’s the root of my folly and downfall in this massive school or game.

It’s not about “better be lucky next time!” instead, “better train harder from now on, son.”


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