The first time I was exposed to Stoicism is the 27th June 2017, I wrote this. 

I could say around 1 month and 2 weeks is the amount of time I’ve been learning and applying Stoicism in my everyday life. Again, I do this for learning to be present along the process and not related to perfection whatsoever.


There are some points on the handbook which I noticed today…

Page 9

Core Values of Virtue 

  1. Wisdom
  2. Justice
  3. Courage or Fortitude
  4. Temperance or Moderation

Page 10

Personal fulfillment comes from developing virtue rather than acquiring the external things which are partially controlled by fate.


Cultivate rational passions such as :

  1. Joy or delight in what is truly good rather than destructive matters.
  2. Cautious or discretion towards prospects that are harmful to us rather than in fear of external things in life.
  3. Wishing or willing what is truly good such as gently desiring the well being of others and ourselves rather than craving for things outside of us.

Page 11

Nature in at least three ways :

  1. Our inner nature, which is to observe, reason and control our thoughts
  2. The nature of society, our relationship with the mankind
  3. The nature of our external environment as the whole universe

Page 13

At the beginning of the day

Plan your day to go according with wisdom, justice, courage and temperance, at the same time keep in mind how external factors are beyond your control. Be ready and conscious.

Page 14

At the end of the day

Think, contemplate, ask, reason these matters regarding of myself.

Did I allow myself to be affected by the irrational passion?

What is my progress? Praise and reinforce what I want to repeat.

Is there anything that I can do differently to handle things better?

Evaluate my thoughts and actions rather than judging, criticizing, punishing my overall self. Focus on ways to improve myself, the solutions, the better ways ahead.

Train my focus in resulting clear decisions, be cautious of falling to the same cycle and this time I pardon myself as it is a part of process.


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