Saat ini, menurutku, living like the rich itu berarti bisa memilih apa yang diinginkan tanpa significant loss. Wishlist tercapai tanpa kehilangan something important, nah, itu salah satu contoh of luxury. Ada beberapa kesempatan dimana I am able to savor the fortune. Favors were bestowed upon me istilahnya.

The danger is when I take these things for granted or am being dependent on them. I try to properly accept them as something useful and refrain myself from asking/wanting more.

I was reminded clearly when I were a kid and used to be anxious that my stuff would be taken away. What did I use to do? I grabbed things by my two hands and not sharing with anyone. Other example, when someone offered me one thing, I would ask for an open option for several things. There is a lot of example for my greed and anxiety, they are not pretty.

That’s why, I try to train myself although it seems like a futile effort. There is nothing that I can do except practicing this mindset of simplicity.


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