I ask a question among others, “what is simplicity?”


Teacher always says that we ought to find the answers ourselves. Gosh, such training, it feels like a weightlifting activity.


“Is controlling our desire an act of simplicity? Or is it just temperance?”
“Is this dish an example of simplicity?”
“Is it the thought of we need very little to be happy?”
“Why is it so important?” I do believe it is a way to chase away perturbation.
Why wouldn’t I?

At first, I wished “may this meal benefits me in some ways,” later, corrected it into “let my judgment makes a saner man out of me. Let what I have in myself does the duty rather than being a passivist and hoping the external does that for me. May this chance doesn’t become a waste rather becomes a fulfillment.


While this is in my power to do so.”
It’s an effort to do things consciously.

Teacher says it’s only me who can guarantee my Self. Also, there is no time except now to clear the clouds from my fogged mind.

I enjoy looking at or up the sky a few times a day, feeling the breeze or hot air on my skin, watching the changing color and forms of objects, the rapid changes on nature and I am a part of it.


Teacher concludes that everyone has this present time fairly so it will be all the same.




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