A train of small matter distracted me, no, I let it affected me.
All of these digital clocks kept me checking them over time, no, I let them affected me.
Nothing and nobody can do such good or harm to me other than myself and that’s the truth.

I was stopping on the sidewalk a few times and now I’m getting back on track, no matter what the ends are.

Teacher reminds me to ask myself whether I need it or not, whether things I do is necessary or not, “do you need this?”

“Yes, I need this” for my new smartphone case, not because I hated the previous one. It was because my uncle gave me this when I needed it. From the first day it arrived until now, I have needed it yet the case has deteriorated so I replaced it with this high functional one. Objects can change forms, it is expected so I’m not going to dwell on it like my significant people said.

I do like my birthday gift which a Totoro phone stand which is still sticking on the back of this one 😘

Oya, ada 3 words yang aku sering ulang di kepalaku :
simple, changeable and perishable.

So many lessons including, you don’t always scream everytime something bad happens because we can expect it as a way for nature to stay fresh anew.

I need to learn and understand this process.


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