Teacher said act as if you were on a banquet. You would take things set before you. A man who asks the host to set things before him is an unreasonable fellow.

I asked, wasn’t there only one kind of man, a man who seeks pleasure? He reminded me that there is also a man who seeks pain. Well, isn’t it given?

Some want to be pain free
Some want to be hurt
Some want to indulge
Some want to despise

Isn’t this accepted by all?
Why are we being unreasonable by asking what we want? (ternyata ada lanjutannya tapi nanti)

I’m still learning this because I feel weak&weary. How can I endure such hardship without asking for strength. Teacher must has had the mind of steel to live that way. In extra, he said, “what are you waiting for? The future is right behind you, all you have to do is turning the palm of your hands.” It is relieving to know that I can do something though the current state is peculiar.

Teacher also added that whatever it is to the body, you wouldn’t need to be attached to it.

Personally, I need to learn this as a basic thing because some people just learn detachment to material things a lot faster. I believe I would laugh at myself for even trying.. Hahaha how silly, wasn’t it a short while ago, you dreamt of your precious phone? Eating until you feel heavy?

There is always Teacher who supports me by, whenever I fall, try to get myself back on everything, whether it’s my duty, studies, or else.

If I saw myself learning how to walk by falling numerous times, I would definitely laugh at it too.


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