Right now, the title might sound cheesy but I can edit it later.

I’m still learning about stoicism yet I have been exposed to pieces of stoicism. That’s why, by writing these things here, I can get a better picture from them.

Ever since I have known my lover and gotten to know more, I have never lost this fascination of him as a living proof that a stoic is living! Living as in breathing, I mean.

“Kerja keras tidak pernah mengkhianati kita.” I think that is one of his principles.

I’ve disagreed with him in the past because I was a goal-oriented person rather than a process-oriented person…

He explains more that results are the effects of our effort. Results may betray us but hard work never does.

I was a different person back then who was not able to open up to his logic.

Does he live according to his principles?

Oh yes, he does.

Other people and I are beyond words when life obstacles hit him, throw misery at him, you know. But then, we only see a stoic who channels his energy to productivity rather than grief. Yes, of course, I thought he was faking strength or things. At that time, he looked inhumane moreover God-like.

I mean, he is not faking it because he is a stoic.

And stoicism isn’t one eternal state.

We’ll talk about stoicism later…

I’ve never met someone like him.
In his situation, one’s can lose one’s Self or path in life. One may choose to run away and give up once and for all. One may consider fighting for his life is hurtful. In his circumstance, he keeps going with or without me by his nature and principles. (Overview)

I learn how a person can benefit others without pride such as “I do this for you,” without making people feel indebted to him such as “pay me back later,” without hope like “i hope they remember this and treat me well.”

I learn how to see sadness, poverty, loss of opportunities, calamity, pain, weakness and so called bad things as parts of living. He studies resilience but to apply it in real life is in another level.

He speaks about others’ affairs rarely, brings the topic once in a while if it’s necessary in discussions. Sometimes he can be very talkative and cheerful about his personal interests, thoughts, ideas and (what he call as) the Diamonds rather than the pure carbon.

He listens well and give insights though is not going further to make people understand him.

Ever since the beginning of our relationship, we both know how different we are and it doesn’t stop us from being here. I learn continuously about him, us and everything bigger than us.

Thankfully, I’m still here, I always want to be by his side… We are camping right now, guys (guys as in our Selves). Life is everything and flowing, right…

That’s all for now….


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