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1. Practice Misfortune

Not only overthink ourselves about it.
Not only getting anxious over uncertainties.
Live with it, combine it in our lives.
Ask ourselves, “is this what I dread of?”
Seek my own personal dissatisfaction such as, :

‌Driving. After I incorporate it to my daily life, I was taken aback, “did I really hate this? If so, why only then? Why not now?”
‌Apples. My last two experiences of eating fresh apples were ones to be feared of. My teeth were sensitive to tension, yes, the grinding movement escalated my pain. One evening, I attempted to eat it again which was after those two experiences. The difference was this time, I expected it to hurt like the last time. I would stop and calm myself if that happened.

I cut it on a thin layer, took a small bite of it. Hmm, trying another bite cautiously until I finished off an apple! Was it painful? Not at all! Terrific!

(My list needs to be added up)

2. Train Perception

3. Everything Is Temporary

Only right now matters, to be a better person in the right now.

Source : https://dailystoic.com/what-is-stoicism-a-definition-3-stoic-exercises-to-get-you-started/


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