Aduh, leherku agak kaku dan sedikit pusing, mulai sensitive to light juga.

Salah tidur atau 10 hour sleep was not enough.

Appetite biasa tapi no hunger, just lower energy and stable mood. Oya, kind of thirsty jadi definitely dehydrated~

Agak capek ya listened to other people talking to each other, need more silence… Tapi cannot, today I let it be filled with chatters, gak apa lah, be a chaffeur for a day.

(Gak apa means I do it for myself, Gak apa means aku gak berkorban, malah untuk fulfilling my plan).

Maybe tomorrow say farewell sebentar and get some lunch (PLAN A).

Oh well.
Throughout the time, my physical body just became wearier. A long headache was instantly gone once I reached my house, one could assume it was a psychosomatic. Nevertheless, other physical discomfort was still there and Plan A was not suitable now.


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