I’ve heard so many good things about this brand, Cosrx. A few days ago, I got my hands on the samples and really wanted my friend to try the BEST and HOTTEST brand right now. She has finished her daily moisturizer yesterday so today, she tried it first in the morning. An extra detail was that she scratched a small patch of her face and it still hurt after washing her face. According to her experience, she said that after appling the liquid onto her face, there was some kind of thin layer protecting the small scratch and it didn’t hurt anymore. The texture was like a watery serum and almost no fragrance at all. It was absorbed quickly and made the foundation looked good.

Ini sudah 1 minggu temanku menggunakan ini dan jerawatnya menghilang dan permukaan kulitnya makin rata, which is good~ This product has amazing effects as expected…

We are both excited now to try another Cosrx product but … The price was a bit too high for us and the samples were limited lol.

Setelah 10 hari menggunakan ini, kita baru baca petunjuk di packagingnya, ‘kelemahan’ produk ini adalah… karena ini merupakan chemical peeling jadi it makes our skin sensitive to direct sunlight, kita harus pakai SPF setelah menggunakan ini ya.. Biar gak gosong hehehe

Setelah 2 minggu pakai ini

Everything becomes better terutama seperti yang udah kureview yaitu permukaan kulit temenku jadi datar dan gak ada jerawat baru.

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Hi, I'm Lia Agustine, an independent Oriflame consultant. If you wanna know more about Oriflame, ask me anything in the Contact Me menu in my homepage.

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  1. […] nyobain ini soalnya menurut petunjuk pemakaian Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, harus disertakan pemakaian SPF. Dia udah nyoba tanpa perlindungan SPF itu kulit wajahnya terasa […]

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