I was a man with no plan
My friends and you know for certain how I lived my life impulsively without directions.
When we started getting serious, I wanted to be independent so that you could depend on me one day. Frankly, I didn’t how to be THAT person, let along helping the one I loved… It seemed like a long way track to be my Ideal Self. Do you remember on of my favorite Beyonce’s songs? FLAWLESS? There are these words “My Rock” which I associated with you. I wanted to be as good as you, to be worthy standing beside of you.


I tried to start considering what I really wanted and fought for them. I struggled in decision making hahaha, something I rarely did for LONG-TERM events. I took initiatives and put effort in accepting the unpleasant consequences. I love picturing our future, I saw our hard work would paid off and we would enjoy new adventures as we do in the process. I saw us living in the moment and really walking towards our goals.
Yes, I am not a considerate or warm loving person… But you have a bias, you ARE my factor in my own way. I didn’t change because you asked me to, no, I changed because I wanted to since I wanted to feel I deserved you. Yes, I messed up a lot, I had a very hard time saying sorry when it was my fault. You knew that quickly that I was a bully, I would never say ‘sorry’ first… But no, I didn’t say sorry in fights to shut you down now. It’s because I know I make mistakes and I’m sorry for those actions.
Lately, you said I have grown better and leaving you alone, broken and getting worse. I told you it was because of me and I still liked you no matter what. We stay, I’m so glad and my life is complete.
I want to keep us like this while we keep developing ourselves together.
alurnya gak jelas tapi this is truly how I feel about us

About Lia Agustine

Hi, I'm Lia Agustine, an independent Oriflame consultant. If you wanna know more about Oriflame, ask me anything in the Contact Me menu in my homepage.

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