I NEEDED this so bad, do you know why? Let’s see what are Milani’s promises??
1) Medium to full coverage

2) Lightweight and OIL FREE

expired A YEAR after opening the packaging


First Impression

hello, black and gold, just the most luxurious combination ever (like the Oriflame’s Giordani Gold series). Plus, this bottle is made from glass. I use the shade 02 Natural and when I look at it side to side with my Maybelline, dear, I’m scared… My skin is pale and this shade looks yellowish darker tone than my real skin.
I put it on my face anyway with oval makeup brush (available at my store, I will put the link below)… I didn’t know what was I thinking… It was really as I expected… Darker. Tone.
It’s okay, my Oriflame matte velvet powder (nude porcelain) was really helpful to tone the craziness DOWN.
However, my neck was showing the crazy light and pale natural skin of mine. That was when I tried to mix my Oriflame Very Me foundation (porcelain) with it. Phew, it looks more natural, you guys.. I didn’t need to cover my neck with some powder afterwards…

Kalo kalian lihat postku sebelumnya… Foto ini tentang aku salah pilih warna Milani foundation. Warna foundation itu terlalu gelap dan ke arah kuning,err.. Solusinya? Blend it dengan foundation yang warnanya paling pucat, which I have.. Thank God. Very Me foundation blended with Milani, this is the result, guys…
There is a minus about this solution : Milani is FULL coverage and Very Me is LOW coverage so I did not get the FULL benefit of this foundation combination (sad).

but, what do you guys think? Is it that bad? My skin is naturally oily and with the 100% Milani, girl, my sebum comes out ONLY on the nose area after 4 hours in the warm room. It is amazing, I tell you.

Regimen perawatan kulitku ada di post Benzoyl Peroxide 2 Years 9 Months Regimen

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