Bagi kebanyakan orang, this is just a cup of coffee, a shot of espresso and some warm milk…
For me…

Like in my previous post, I have mentioned that I have lost my appetite. For those moments, it felt like, I was back again as the Lia (in my childhood version). I was skinny because eating and drinking are chores. These activities were burden, responsibilities and unpleasant. I have changed since puberty, well, I thought I would continue as a foodie for the rest of my life. Apparently not. Sorry, if I repeat my previous post here.
It puzzled me how I could feel flat dead when eating and drinking stuff… I was not on a diet mission to lose weight, I thought I was just being me, the foodie. I surrounded myself with my favorite food, snacks and beverages, dining out in my favorite places. Those many variants? And very little desire to indulge them. I felt full and satisfied really quickly just having little bites of everything, it’s scary. I felt strange but I knew I have been that way when I was kid so I knew what was going on.
I like the version of me since I hit puberty, the condition of food and beverage tasted like rewards, they were great!
I tried to heighten my appetite by these food I’ve posted on my instagram @personal_encounter
Corica pastry’s strawberry danish, cream cheese danish, KVH coffee shop espresso+Full Cream milk and banana fritters.

A bit by bit, I remembered again how it felt, to savor “high class bakery” pastries, the aroma, the crunch, the special flavor, minimal grease, no burnt, fresh fruits… The strong acidic yet very creamy latte just, every sip is amazing.
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