Hi guys… I’ve blogged about my health issues several times now, different diseases~ I have interest in biology, medicine and stuff (gayaaa…). My closed ones know I’m not hesitant to check my health to the doctor but lately, I am because my major concern is saving money. As long as I can walk, do my routines and work daily, I choose not to go to the doctor. I really like checking my symptoms at Webmd too (I guess it is not always accurate hehehe).
It has been A WEEK, I guess… I have had fever everyday but I captured the today’s result only~ My muscles ache the most in my right neck…. It worsened and got wider everyday. My energy was very low but I could still work. Today, I tried a different strategy since I found this 500 ml Indonesian Jamu called Beras Kencur with promises like : relieves muscle pain and masuk angin (the synonym of not feeling well).

I love the ingredients too : Jahe (ginger), Beras (Rice water?), Kencur (herb?), Water and Sugar.
I warn Ginger Hater here because I tasted a strong Ginger flavor and it really helped to warm up my body from the inside.
Although I love body massage but it cost money too so, I’m avoiding that alternative…

I put Counterpain analgesic balm around the painful area for like… 6-7 layers, man, I used to love the sensation especially when my body was pegel-pegel. Now, it just stung a lot then it disappeared, I put some again and sensed the sting and burning sensation.

I woke up at 5 AM because I heard a loud noise, I didn’t know what it was until now. My head hurt a lot. I put some balm again to my right neck.

I woke up again at 8.45 AM and my headache still exists and Decided to take 1/2 tablet (250mg) Paracetamol because I needed to work.

At 10 AM, I tried to massage my left neck because I felt really weird, my joints, muscles, you know… I was starving and hurriedly ate some meal and drink some water.
Now, do you know what disease that I get? Contact me hehehe…
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