This post is basically about a common disease, feel free not to read this since this is gonna be boringI am writing about this since I seldom catch this cough and flu…

I waited 2 weeks to let my body healed this virus without any medication. However, I lost many opportunities in meeting people and kind of disturb my work progress, so…. Yea.
Btw, I hate syrup medicine so I, totally regretted buying this one but… Let’s move on
Day 1

Took the adult dose of Allerin Expectorant at 6.30 PM
Day 2

10.30 AM

2.30 PM

6.30 PM
Getting much better, phew

I can sing now hehehe
Day 3

10.30 AM

2.30 PM
The syrup ran out so… I hope this is it. My recovery… The ultimate reward!!! Mouhahaha… #desperate AF
Day 4

Makan dan minum bad things for cough recovery
Used Counterpain on my back and was able to go to sleep at 5 AM
Hot and a little bit sweet tea. Tortillas with vegetables. Nastar.
Day 6
Bought 1 more bottle

7 PM
Day 7
12 PM

4 PM

9 PM
Day 8
10 AM

2 PM
Obat habisss… Practically, 2 empty bottles, eh? Not 100% sembuh, symptoms berkurang drastis sih.
Days afterwards
No more meds, just recovery, owasss…


Kalo batuk berdahak sekaligus pilek, bisa minum Allerin Expectorant. Konsultasikan penggunaannya dengan apoteker karena ada beberapa kondisi dimana seseorang dilarang minum itu. Aku cuma seseorang tanpa gelar medis, gak qualified untuk say yes you can and you cannot.
Wish you all the best and thank your for reading~
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