A few months back then, yes, maybe a year ago, I met someone. I was a very confused person and didn’t love myself though I’ve had a boyfriend, friends and parents.

However, along the way, “an empty shell, it’s the kind of man I was”, someone has loved me back and has showed me a whole different perspective, as an extrovert, I believed it changed me too. I can see my future now and love to evaluate my progress, the good and bad stuff in the daily basis. As I am thrilled in the moment… The past and future don’t seem scary, I worry less and tame my rage. Hopefully, life can continue its pace like this… Let’s light up the night~
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Contact info
Lia Agustine, Independent Oriflame Consultant
Line : Liaadvan

BBM : 748A0D51

Whatsapp : 081235164225

Email : Gialastuin@gmail.com

Facebook : Lia Agustine

Instagram : soberandpositive

This photo is from Pinterest, candidlykeri.com

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About Lia Agustine

Hi, I'm Lia Agustine, an independent Oriflame consultant. If you wanna know more about Oriflame, ask me anything in the Contact Me menu in my homepage.

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