Recent condition
I get cough or flu rarely however these weeks are ones of those times. It became embarassing and natural to cough loudly in the public and using tons of tissues. Despite my health updates, my soul was content and satisfied.
There was an interesting post today which sparked something inside me to write a post about it. Confusing? Hopefully not.
A friend got a new GF. And this friend of mine was the one who introduced me to the world.. Of Oriflame. I wouldn’t want to change my meeting with him since Oriflame was something I have been hung onto lately. I got a mixed feeling about it and have talked to my lover correlated today’s event.
We share and discuss all topics so I don’t want to leave this one behind.
My loved one said I perceived this friend of mine (my ex) mattered more now since he had a new GF and if I did not congratulate him, I would keep thinking about my history with my ex. So, I better congratulate my ex with his new status. I did that and yea, relieved… Man… It was a necessary move.
Yes, yes, I do wish to be told more about his new relationship (as it predicted) although it might be just going to be a mere imagination… Though, I still consider him a friend, so there was nothing wrong with asking about it casually, right? Man, I don’t know… Hell with this. We’ll see.
An update about my relationship, well, there are some changes, I guess we are both scared of these new stuff. Doing something that unlike us at all. Me with a plan. It without a preparation. We are hoping this would challenge us to be more successful in many aspects.
I didn’t pursue the new level so I ain’t qualified to the THR promo… No regret, I mean, I tried, got a new team and still am trying to identify my core team, introduced them to this new business so, I really hope everything is gonna turn greater than before.

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