In the next two days is going to be the first month (SATU BULAN) of my Oriflame membership.

Before I turned this blog into my platform to tell readers about Oriflame products, it was filled with personal thoughts so it would be continued that way too.

Here, I am not trying to persuade readers to join me in Oriflame, it’s your choice. However, since I have already joined and exploring this business, might as well tell you guys about it.

I have always told people these events because what is the most important thing? It is the beginning… Jadi iki awale…

An old acquaintance of mine contacted me and I was thrilled because I adore her so much, she was beautiful, young, cheerful, smart and ultimately, hard working. Of course, she later told me about this month’s promotion in joining Oriflame, Rp 19.900 for a year!

MODUS or NO MODUS hahaha, I replied “let’s talk about this when we will meet in person,” she agreed. Around a month afterwards, we met in this cafe nearby Oriflame Surabaya headquarter (jalan Kombes M. Duryat, ada yang tahu?). I brought my close friend who was always very sharp in analyzing things. I needed her because sometimes, I got to carried away with the atmosphere and forgot to think (I repeat, forgot to think. GAK CONNECT).

I was delighted because after all this time….. (my fault too, I was used to refuse to meet her) Finally, we met again! Apparently, she brought her close friend too! More or less like her, smart, hard working, beautiful and young. They both became my lovely uplines = senior baik daripada bos yaa…

I asked them “if I join today and my membership expires in a year. How much do I have to spend in Oriflame so that it won’t expire in months?” They answered “you don’t even have to buy a thing to keep your membership active in a year.”

That’s all I needed, no strings attached to must buy Oriflame stuff although I really loved their products since elementary school. Gak tuku apapun, member tetep ON selama setahun, like what??

They registered my contact information along with a photo of my  ID card (KTP Indonesia) online, ONLINE. It took like 5 minutes and I have already got my Oriflame ID yay~~ We spent our time discussing Oriflame whille sipping our delicious iced beverages, it was so relaxing…

* my friend & I had a brief moment to meet our senior manager too.

To be continued

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