You are just a picture on a mug

You can do something as if you were that important

But that would be a lie

It would be delusional

It would be.. Pathetic

(I’m very much alert)
Do I not want this

Didn’t I see this

Haven’t I seen this all along

I was just never wanting to accept it

That I would be a history like this

That I am a trace

Dirt, some kind of spot
You think you’re ready

Good job pretending as if you were

You believe it doesn’t hurt because it’s so logical

You think you know where you and the others are

You’d never knew things can change

People can come and go

With your will to keep them beside you, it’s exhausting 

What an effort

But what have you been fighting for really?


That’s why you left with people who fight for you

It’s okay to sweat through the way

It’s okay to give your effort to be together 

I know it’s difficult 

But it’s worth it
You’re worth it

That’s why you have them

They’re also worth it

Fight for them

Stay with them


Give your effort

Don’t hold back

They’re precious

So are you
They don’t disappoint you

But you often disappoint yourself 


About Lia Agustine

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