After being aware of own thoughts and feelings, deciding what I wanna do about them is really easy.

Whether my effort would be a total loss or whatever.. I would not regret it because I wanted it and did it in the right way. I hurt nobody and tried something I seldom do.

When the time is tough, I’d rather run and give up by any means. That’s what I often do but not who I am. However when I recall bad things I did in the past which made me feel guilty, I knew I shouldn’t have done another mistake in a relationship. I can choose right here right now to be who I want to be.

I’m choosing to stay because it is special to me to the length that I don’t want to picture my life without it.

I could live but it wouldn’t as good as I had. I’m very fortunate and smart enough to fight for it.

About Lia Agustine

Hi, I'm Lia Agustine, an independent Oriflame consultant. If you wanna know more about Oriflame, ask me anything in the Contact Me menu in my homepage.

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