We often sense that if we do the particular things then our partner will be mad or sad (in a bad mood certainly). If we know that we can prevent that from him/her then we will often put our effort into it. Because, you know, sometimes we act like we do not care of the other and regret it afterwards. I’m interested in strategies of how to avoid conflicts yet be assertive to one another. How to turn honesty into the solution of our relationship.

Sometimes, we are mad because of these small things which cost a lot in a relationship. Though, sometimes we dislike how our partner react in certain situations. However, we realize that they are being honest and hope for the ideal results so, I think it’s very important to not only tolerate but also to listen well. In our selfish moments, we want to be right and get what we want all the time. In this relationship, I learn how happy I can be by witnessing the euphoria of my partner.

I feel that I deserve you when you are happy because of me.

Rather this stands for the contrary.

I can misbehave and be wrong for you and this relationship so I have nothing else to say than thank you for your acceptance. I realized every fight became unnecessary if I loved you because love didn’t hurt by intention.


About Lia Agustine

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