19th September 2014

Muscle soreness, headaches and orange colored urine.


Ayu and I went to have my blood & urine checked at the Pusura clinic


Went to the Wiyung Sejahtera hospital yet I was too scared of their rooms..

Went to the National Hospital
Started to consume Hp Pro (vitamin liver)

I got my blood test results : I did not have hepatitis A or C.

22nd September
I was told to consume Hezandra and Hp Pro.
Met my internist/English course owner.
I looked too healthy to be staying in the hospital so…

I got my blood test results : I did not have hepatitis B.

I was told to get my blood and whole abdomen checked.
My liver was enlarged a bit, SGPT SGOT >500… the results were worse than before so I agreed to stay at the hospital for estimated 5 days.

IDR 450.000/day = 1 room with 2 other patients beside me, AC, indoor bathroom and shower…

I didn’t mind the IDR 150.000 room but my Dad refused.

I liked the room though this I.V. was a bothersome… The Aminofusin Hepar could really hurt my hand if the flow was too hard.

26 Sept

Around 00.00?

I felt the cramp on my right hand so it became harder for me to sleep like yesterday.

05.37 AM
No hunger or thirst just still having this muscle soreness on my right hand…

Blood test results were better yet it wasn’t good enough to be released from the hospital.

28 Sept

Today was the fifth day since I stayed at the hospital.
I had a bad mood for several reasons :
– my left hand hurt for hours until I had trouble falling asleep
– I needed to go to the bathroom a lot because of my period
– stomach cramps
– the air conditioner was set for 30 degrees Celcius for the other patient in our room
– I was annoyed by the thought of my college paper
– I estimated that my right arm would hurt for today’s blood test and it would worsen my mood for working on my college paper
– I was told to not eat anything before the blood test
– I couldn’t take a shower peacefully before working on my college paper
– My blackberry couldn’t be switched on and I had no idea what happened besides it was very hot when I found it
– the errors in the process of working on my college paper, great.

Thankfully, I met and had everyone I needed beside me.

30 Sept

Another blood test which was another proof that I did not have hepatitis A.


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