Does oneself need to ask such requests in a-supposedly reciprocal relationship?

“Please stay,”
“Please don’t leave me,”
“Please don’t do this,”
“Please keep up with every bit of your effort.”?

Does oneself need to give such promises in the reciprocal relationship?

“I will do better,”
“I will try harder,”
“We can work this out,”
“Us is the most important thing,”
“I will do the same if you are in my position.”?

How about since it is a reciprocal relationship then the couple has such intrinsic motivation to love each other without promises and without requests?

Don’t they just do all of the right things? I say, the right things because their actions are based on prioritizing their partner. They value their partners highly so they motivate themselves to make their relationships last. The results of their actions can be unpleasant and our hatred of the end results can turn into something unnecessary. For instance, blaming our partners without listening to their thoughts and feeling. Another example, you might think that you deserve better whether it is better to be by yourself or with someone else.

That’s hatred and the fact is you don’t deserve anybody although they stay by your side.

You can choose to be compassionate. You deserve them because you also stay when they need you though you are confused by their behavior. They may be unstably push you away or cling into you so desperately but you deserve them because you choose them.

The questions continue to : how if your partners are very sound even when you throw rocks at them? Isn’t it unbalanced, unhealthy and not.. Fair? How can you believe them, these peculiar yet calm partners? How can someone stand you without any hatred? Or do they have hatred in their heart and it is just unseen? Or are you swayed by their firmness? Which one are you?

I’m only a cynic until the couple reciprocates likely when one of them throws rocks then the other is normally being affected by one’s action.


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