I wasn’t the yesterday version of myself… I couldn’t even think like her. Now, I believed in myself, I would finish my paper on time and be judged by them, I would graduate this year (although the ceremony was going to be held next year). It’s okay that my paper sucks since I have never been the master of paper work anyway but writing a worthy paper for graduating this year?? Sure, why not. I would complete every step which my university has planned for its students. Hell, I would do that! I’m sure I can.

Yes, I’ve spent weeks looking down at myself even she said I was too blind to see the good sides of my situation. Even my bro told me that I was lucky to be really close with someone I care about. Lia, I forgive you for wasting weeks of our lives but this was over, you were insane enough to worsen our situation back then, you were awful, man. I don’t need me to underestimate myself right now, kay.Let us be better and more positive from now on ‘kay?


About Lia Agustine

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