Today was officially one week since the lecturers explained the procedure of the college final paper which was going to be required for submission in the 21st November 2014.


I’m sure I’ve been a wreck for these past few days, driven Dhiah and Ayu insane (or let’s say, not yet?). Yes, the usual/stress-free Me was nowhere to be seen, even I had a hard time meeting her or frankly from the simple daily activities such as eating regularly. I lost and gained my appetite uncontrollably… One day, I could feel totally fine yet suppressing every inch of negativity that I had. On another day, I could feel like everything and everyone including my kosmates annoyed me to the edge.


I know I’m exhausted although my-thankfully-fit body helps me to stay active on the day-to-day activities. Basically, I’m exhausted of my own negative emotions. I was used to be a brighter and more enthusiastic person.


Some days, I accepted my reality as it was however some days felt like nothing matters. Sure being in a room full of fresh air would be nice but that’s it. Other than staring into objects, it felt like everything and everyone disturbed my peace.


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