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Warning : The credibility is in question

I think your position in college is more versatile in college rather than in the elementary until senior high.

Though, it’s easy for me to detect several categories of the college students, here are some of them :

–          The model-like students who are perhaps working as the freelancer, just describing my assumption : the more wealthy they look, the higher possibility that they are in this group. When I met one of them, I thought I saw a fallen angel surrounded by insignificant students (Noob ALERT) which led me to join the photography club by wishing that I got the chance to shoot the beautiful creature.

(Notes : they may not know each other because a pretty face isn’t a Wi-Fi…)

–          The jocks. Let’s be clear about one thing here… The jocks at college do not get their muscular physique from the over-indulging meals they are used to have back in the high school. Say hi to metabolism (kind of irrelevant). They are probably on the weirdest diets ever such as clean eating (though half of the world does that) and consume nothing else except for the holy protein shake and some slices of cut-off crusts wheat bread, maintaining their calorie limit, etc. Most of them do not play the fun sports such as basketball or hiking (I’m clueless)… They pay for memberships at the local fitness center and work out together with their bromance clubs. They take shirtless selfies and post them to Instagram and claiming those selfies as their pride. There’s nothing wrong with exercising and consuming a healthy diet however women are scared to Hulk. Just saying…

–          The rich students who look and smell like money. They bring their wallets and put them on the table when we’re hanging out, they wear watches, if my eyes aren’t nearsighted/myopia then I would probably recognize the brands. They are not bossy or demeaning even in the contrary, they are very generous (not saying this because I’m one of them…………… It’s just the truth).

–          The students who don’t bring any money though they are rich. I don’t know why on earth they do that. I guess to bond with friends (huhhh???) like once a month, they would surprise you with a sentence “now, I can buy THIS (let’s say it is an expensive thing).” When will they pay you back? Never. Nah, just kidding… Only when you ask them to pay every day after that happens… Nah, just kidding. It is according to your friend’s personality, intention, mood and how nice you act to them, the nicer you are then say goodbye to your money. Nah… I will let you think that for yourself, readers.

–          The popular students by their busy, I mean, productive schedule in the organizations. They may do it for the popularity, I mean, gaining a lot of friends because they love to be around many unknown or so-called strangers. They may do it for killing their time in adolescence, you know, rather than seeing their one color paint on their rented rooms. Some may do it so that they can have backup friends for their backup plans to hang out when they’re sad and lonely which is all the time. Of course, joining organizations for the soft skills, they say though they have proven it very well over time, the great leadership, the fluent speech, the professional scent from their appearance, etc.

In my university, every student is required to have a minimum of 100 credit points to graduate the bachelor degree and apparently, sticking your body into this group is very useful for that. Most of my friends are included in this group, without them… I have no idea how I can reach that requirement. Thanks, guys.

–          The students who always wear the same clothes every day or week (at least a piece of outfit). Me!!! Hahaha… I’ve had my depressed moment of the heartbroken phase when I wore the same jacket for a month or so, my close friends said that I looked pathetic and poor. So true, like my heart at that time. I have no bad things to say for this group because it is normal to want to be covered in your smelly yet warm piece of clothing, if you’re lucky, you may have your ex-lover’s or ex-crush’s clothes, if not, well, like me, you’d wear a piece of clothes when you were used to be close with them! Moving on?? Yea, you do that after you’re done dealing with the flat college life and entering the vacation without the remembrance of your ex-lover/ex-crush. Moving on means changing your clothes every day…

–          The smart students. You know them, the lectures and your friends try to find them for many reasons and you are probably one of your friends who try to find them… You might see them as the lecturer’s assistants because they can’t get enough of the subjects already. Not to misunderstand, they are the most helpful key to reach A plus on your result card so, be nice to them or else, C is the best you can get. (Why so serious?)

–          The grown men/women. They are probably in the same age as you however they look like your uncle or auntie. I think I’m the auntie since many people give me the same comment about my appearance.

–          The couples who look like they’re getting married after graduating college. Yes, everyone knows that their families have known each other for several generations so the most obvious thing to do is getting married, huh?

–          The students who create clubs-we-have-never-heard-of. Why? Because they are creative and brilliant students who know how to hack the college system. What… Stay with these students. No other way to succeed or save you from the crazy college system without these soldiers.

–          The students who love to fall asleep anywhere until they forget to enter their classes or go home. You can find them in the bathrooms, library, lounge, canteen, computer laboratory, empty classes and the list is just keep going. Don’t ask me how I know that. No, it’s not me, pfft.

–          The dancers. They look as cool as …… also make you feel like how come my motoric skill is this bad? How come I only lip-synch to the song while at the same time suppressing my hands and feet from moving hysterically. The worst case is they make you hate those songs you used to like because you can’t enjoy it as fully as they can.

Any suggestion of the other groups you’ve known? Comment below.


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