By : Lia Agustine

#2’s Feelings

“Would.. Would you… Be in a committed monogamous relationship..With me?”

Like a sheer of goose bumps.

The cold wind came as sharp as ice cubes.

I know my face is frozen right now and my hand is stiff on her hold.

“I…” struggle on my sentence, obviously… I don’t want to hurt her feelings after all she was everything to me. But it is just not enough. I’m scared! I’m scared to lose her that’s all what I can think about! She is home, she is everything, everything!

#2 couldn’t continue her sentence and started sobbing, her shoulders moved up and down with such tension.

She (#3) just realized it right away, pat, gently caressed her (#2) like what she had done for the million times. “It’s okay.. I understand…” #3 softly said though she was hurt by the fact of #1’s accurate prophecy, #2’s rejection, her own delusion and high hope.

#2 grabbed #3’s top tightly while kneeling down as if asking for forgiveness furthermore begging for the eternal kinship (?).

#2 looked up to her with teary eyes, like a lunatic with blurry vision and received her positive response by #3’s kiss on her forehead. Finally, she was able to simply close her eyes, smiling so widely like being embraced by an angel.

How I wish to be looked at the same way as #1 gazed her (#3) with full of spark on his eyes, that fixed admiration.

She (#3) was like the warmest person on earth.

How can I compete with that??

This jealousy is inappropriate thinking of how much she has been given me, —given us. But how do I supposed to resist the idea of my perfect life in sync with the conformity. I want to have a big family, with a husband and more than one kid, I want all that. I want everything. . To be normal.

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