Where should I begin. . .

I’m a man of fundamental needs

I sustain and endure many hardships, substantially they revolve around my condition, financially speaking.

Just give me a 2×1 meters space, a computer, an analytical work to be done and the considerable figure that I deserve as my highly-functioning performance then I will do it.

People consider me as a workaholic

As for me, I am consistently aware of my consequences in the decisions I’m making.

People have plunged to my world over and over again.

Those who have not done their research wouldn’t have ascend their status.

My world thrusts them to their own destructions.

My question is ‘Why are you here?’

A deterioration of one’s physical health.

You choose, kidney disease or in fact,

One’s worsening mental health,

A state of depression.

I received tons of jobs and was gladly completing them simultaneously.

You could give me such distraction of women with high sex appeal and I wouldn’t get off my desk, ever.

How do you make ends meet or execute some given tasks by terminating the company’s assets, including the human resources?

Those who put their sweat and effort into this massive and expensive project?

Well, calculate the efficiency of your action which is removing them although practically, they were being useful for the company in the first place.

True. They were valuable to us.

Guarantee this to the people who hold the authority above you that you will give them profit.

Uprising to the highest rank is your only future.

I get the job done and do what I have to do.

That’s my professionalism.


I have a very close circle of friends and a few extinct romantic relationships. Let’s say, by the time I reached the age of 30, I’ve had no more than 3 earnest romantic affinities.

I would like to share to you about the most recently romantic interrelationship I had.

She was an extremely outgoing person and being adventurous to go out and about these hippest dining places.

While, I prized our time together rather than the venues themselves.

(to be continued)


About Lia Agustine

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