She was the 3rd person that I knew

Drowned who was living in poverty.

Perhaps I am still living in such arrogant manner, huh.


I’m trying to live my life with leisure, filled by spending money for treats, dining out, hanging out with my friends and Dad.

Therefore, none of my days wasted by unhappiness, lack of me time, loneliness and boredom.

Happiness is exactly that. Everyone knows that but not all of them choose to live that way for some kinds of respect from others because they are living their days with humility and frugality.

Poverty seems like a concept to me.. A far away reality.

But, not today.

I went to her place, saw what she had on that room, picking up her cheap stuff, some people threatened to hold her stuff in a locked room. I mean, c’mon, what the hell is wrong with you. Don’t you have enough luxury already? But now you want to keep her clothes, comic books and a single plastic plate on a locked room too? Because of the unpaid rent which has a total of IDR 4.000.000++? You want to make the sole human being into a homeless person when you have the option to do the contrary?

You have a profession to give your customers a space of comfort. Well, why don’t you give them the whole package by listening to what they have to say, why don’t you listen to their situations first.

Will you be homeless like she is right now because she hasn’t paid your rent?

Thank you, thank you for doing that heartless act. You are an amazing person.


The way people treat those who look like they do not own anything at all makes me sick.

The way they look down to those who look like they don’t have any money at all makes me furious.

I don’t wanna be that kind of person, drowned in poverty.

I had lived my life as that kind of person.

Five years of my life wasted by that look, weird fake smile and degraded comments from those people.

I had wasted my days in putting effort to be appreciated as a friend by those fake people who made me felt that I didn’t deserve to be there at all.

I’ve had it enough. Thank you for the experience, Life.


I thought that I had left poverty somewhere else, unseen or at least it was rarely untouched. Apparently, it was always there.

For the example, her.

People don’t look me that way anymore, though, but they still look at my friend that way. Well, not so far away anymore, isn’t it, Lia?

Lia.. Just for today, Lia sounds like a strange word…


I want to use money to protect my friends, family and the real people in this world.

I need that money.

If people want to use money to spread kindness and happiness throughout the world then so be it. I need the money to do the same thing towards many people.


(to be continued)


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