Actually, I like being alone in sg, I mean… I hate it that I have low self-esteem when I’m alone in the public but I love my freedom here. Ordering food and beverage that I want, going anywhere in a second without considering others’ thoughts first etc. The flexibility! I adore it.

But when I was stuck on the most inconvenient spot which was among groups, GROUPS of people, it triggered my anxiety. Because of my body size or my acne-prone skin(?) I couldn’t be as invisible as THAT.

I felt like… Well, better when I was at the pharmacies like Watsons and Guardian also when I was at these Kopitiams, foodcourts, personal space was available for a person like me. They were too busy with their companions that they didn’t even bother to stare AT me unlike the MRT.

As for the materials, sg has almost everything that I want except the hospitality, geez, they need to improve it so bad since I’m the simplest customer people would had.

10th January 2014, this was my first time at 1983 foodcourt in Marina Bay Sands mall. It was nice, affordable, okay stuff.

Tomorrow I’m going to fly home so, I supposed I would regret my decision to just simply stay at the hotel.. That’s why I forced myself to put on my brand new foundation and went out to Raffles City!

It was dull.

Luckily, I found something that I LOVED the MOST(?) : a Hong Kong cafe!!! Gosh, why didn’t I google that before??!!!

Sooo excited to see all these menus and soaking in the daylight from a modern air conditioned room and sat comfortably at the gorgeous booth, served with GREAT hospitality from this waiter. Awesome English by the way, thank Goddddddddddd, You are the BEST!

Around 4 until 5.30 PM, I was so sleepy… I just wanted to sit somewhere and avoid these lights… I took a break at a cafe to enjoy my black glutinous rice (like there wasn’t enough of it in Indonesia…) Yea, I was out of my mind.
Gosh, the HK milk tea is the bestttttttt… I’m loving what I see, seriously.

I was lost at Cathay Cineplex, well, I knew it was the cinema… it was just.. I didn’t intend to visit it on purpose. Then, I wandered around, pretty tired walking to Bras Basah and now I am typing with nowhere to go.

Okay, here was it, I was rejected of donating my blood at the Dhoby Ghaut SMRT because I was a tourist who spent the night at MBS hotel and on vacation.


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