Keren banget dri bayfront bisa langsung ke bugis padahal warna e beda! Ternyata pake downtown line astagah koq ga ad garis biru itu di map SMRT yang aq punya?!!

I can’t tell you how content I was when I found my durian stop. When I went out from the Bugis MRT station, I knew in my guts that I had to cross over and I did.

Staring at my durian stand, half ready and somewhat… Miraculous, I was totally mesmerized.

I should’ve never forced myself to buy this. I felt robbed. I told the seller that I didn’t like his pick but he said just, like, in a way, he told me to ‘accept’ what has been sold.

I would never come back to this place ever again. Now I was confused of where to eat this or should I brought it while I shop??!!!

I bought the SGD 45.90 Zinc bag. I’ve fallen in love with Zinc at the first sight. I love my backpack and now I have the postman bag. I can say it’s my revenge after the huge disappointment of that nonsense durian. It changes me, I’m not gonna crazy in love with durian anymore, I guess this is the main reason we all humans need to travel, to regret things, learn and be better.

Afterwards, I try to find some place I feel safe, it’s always between Ya Kun Kaya Toast or Toastbox, something like that. Cozy menu and place. Reasonable price like this brand new Zinc bag.

I’ve lost my appetite, I was lying about the hunger at the first place so.. It wasn’t like I was not hungry all of a sudden, I just wanna get out of the hotel as soon as posibble and stay outside as long as I can.

I’ve never had luck in the market, I mean, I learnt that I am a mall girl after all, no need to deny it..

Logically speaking, I needed to finish my durian off, preferable space for it? The public Bugis Junction bathroom.

Singapore has lost its charm, Singapore that I knew, at least. Everything is less tasty or beautiful.

I was wandering Bugis Junction, Bugis+ and Bugis street back and forth. Visited Watsons and Sasa, comparing price and brands… Thank God, they both discounted their Bourjois foundation! I might say, I traveled to Harbourfront safely and peacefully… I went to its Watsons again and truly felt like I was still at Bugis Junction.

O yea, I bought a new shirt, yea, I know, shirt? Again? Yea. But still couldn’t find my brand new wallet gonna be.

Is it just me or I seriously think that clothes at Bugis and Pasar Atom Mall are so similar, those are designed for petites!

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