Today I’m happy.

Not in the peak of my energy.

Not because of beautiful physical stuff.

Today I met someone, there was something from what she said that intrigued me. She said that his father must’ve wanted a daughter like me because I told her I was interested on this bird’s nest business unlike her… She said it was because I wanted to pursue my passion in the business, unlike her.

I’ve never thought of anything like it before. And I am starting to believe her, to believe that her words are everything, are all the answers to my questions. All of these self-doubt and confusion… She answered them all by our first talk in this lifetime.

I am passionate of having a business of my own. The bird’s nest seems so sparkling on my hands although it’s dirty. I always think of school and good grades are utter nonsense. I’ve always wanted to make money as soon as possible.

I shared to her of my rocky driving experience, the insults, the mocking and car crashes. Then, she simplified all that by saying that I’m a truly positive person. Yes, I am.

In fact, I stop trying to be positive instead I am a positive person. It’s my strength.

I don’t know when was the last time I had a long chat with my Dad but it happened today. I knew about his past jobs, income and expenses, I started to know the more precise number of my Dad’s money and all that.

My chat with that new friend whom I wasn’t intend on keep in contact with though she played a big role today in building my realization that :

a. All I wanted to be is here, in Sby with my Dad

b. I want to be respected and that’s why I’m motivated to be successful in my career

c. I want to have a business, start making money

d. there is a brilliant reason behind my dislike of school, I want to work, work, work

e. I am fascinated by wealthy successful brilliant people not the ones who are employees

f. I’m a positive person, I admire Maya Kitajima and Kim Tak Gu

Thank God, my Dad actually cares of my passion, he wants me to find what I love to do, what are my thoughts, gives me control of making decisions in my life, encourage me to have the security in life.


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