I gotta tell you… Building, making, creating something by others’ money can really pressure you.

Paranoid. You are starting feeling it like the world is gonna end tomorrow or in the simplest way is that you’re never gonna see the money ever again. It is just gone with your failure.

I’m scared I will give up, soon or later.

I’m scared the generous sponsor will be disappointed and not gonna trust me ever again.

I’m scared to stop myself in creating.

It distorts&distracts you though you are surrounded by such entertaining companions but it is as if the project was your own child. You want to see it, nurture it, and just have some time with it.

It’s time consuming but you enjoy every second of it.

It is something you love, it is passion. I can tell you that.

What’s your passion?

About Lia Agustine

Hi, I'm Lia Agustine, an independent Oriflame consultant. If you wanna know more about Oriflame, ask me anything in the Contact Me menu in my homepage.

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