Makes you feel helpless,

Alone in some way,

As a bonus – Utterly painful

Thus easily overcome by paracetamol

The dumbest thing to do was combining it with caffeine

Almost mixed both of them ( caffeine and paracetamol) since my headache was so disturbing!!

 I said things that didn’t make. Any. Sense, like, “as if there was a heart on my head, I can feel its pulse by my fingers stay at my forehead.. As if it has been used running around the block.”

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I imagined myself in two versions, A & B.

A : sakit kepala pake minum kopi segala, gak waras lu emang..

B : heh. Orang ‘sakit’ mana bisa mikir yang waras.. Rese lu.

Sekitar empat jam setelah konsumsi kafein (dari kopi susu), B memberanikan diri menelan dua butir Panadol (paracetamol).


After a brief reflection at the beginning of the day concerning what has happened in a few hours ago…

I concluded the REAL and REALISTIC reason of the occurred headache :


I were quite furious in overall. Details are not important here

Read this first : NHS UK

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