“She loves me!!” #1 screamed.


I know. #3 did not move an inch, “I know,” she replied along her forced smile.


#1 was speechless apparently he thought she was too blind to be aware of the real situation but it wasn’t matter anymore..


“Do you.. Even care about me?” he looked at her with sharp fixed gaze, trying to absorb every single detail, to not miss a thing there.


“I do, you know I do,” she stared back.


“Then why.. Why her??!!! This just doesn’t make any sense for me.”


She smiled a little while looking afar, “she is weaker.. She is the weakest, she needs to be loved.”


It triggered him like a switch because of such nonsense, unworthy comment. He felt completely abandoned at that moment.

The Intro : The Unbecoming Harassment

#2’s Feeling

#3’s Feeling


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