By : Lia Agustine

This story, by all means carries out the dynamic relationship of the main characters :

Three close friends met at their adolescence as thirteen year-old.

Character number one (#1) was your typical guy, cold, arrogant, aggressive, and had a crush on character number three (#3).

Character number two (#2) was your classic girl, feminine, lovable, passive, and had a crush on character number one (#1).

Character number three (#3) was the main character. Your signature center who simply loved #2 and be loved by #1.

Character number four (#4) was a little mystery for you —soon to be told.

The three of them (#1, 2, 3) were beautifully inseparable. . .

#3 was excitedly in love, #2 made her melt moreover severely nervous until she, really was having a hard time breathing several moments.

#3 thought of #2 all the time, picturing her dimple, magnetic smile, tone of voice, there’s just something special about it, like, the melody she wanted to hear, lastly, her wavy black hair as if it was the softest texture she ever touched.

#2 accepted her love as distractions only because she had already had #1 on her heart and #3 was aware of it.

#1’s Feeling

He wondered whether it was love or lust?

Thoughts were swirling in his head relating to #3.

“My drug, my infatuation, my fantasy, my ecstasy, yes, yes, I want to have her. But in a sense of dependence, idealization, & lust.”

“She triggers the state of mind that I don’t wanna have”

“Like an eruption and it is not peaceful”

“I came to a realization of can’t let this one go if I haven’t even have her first.”

“How can I know I won’t be happier if I finally can have her?”

“Though all of these rationalizations need to come to an end.

“If I use my logic all the time, I won’t find the answer.”

“The truth is there is this invisible bond between me and her.”

“And there must be a reason behind it. The real truth.”

“I believe if I give up by the ‘time’ given, I will seriously redo this whole thing all over again in the next lifetime.”

“I need to cut this by facing it.”

“Stop a second, hear your soul. It tells the truth : I can’t quit on this one, not now. Not now..”

“If you don’t like the present, change it.”

“I get what I want.”

“She is what I want.”

“It is too bizarre to just simply assume that this is just a crush, it may be temporary but it’s there.”

“I’m drawn into that hole, that place.”

“It is outrageously driving me into this passionate place.”

“My logic can’t comprehend this whole idea about having someone because you’re being magnetically pulled into it.”

“I can totally live my life like she never exists but why? For what exactly? She exists and I just can’t get over it.”

“I rather sit here and embracing the Truth of it, we can’t see it now but I know for sure.”

The Unbecoming Harassment

In their four years of friendship there was one time when #1 confessed his feelings to #3 and it just got worse. He realized how his verbal also non-verbal language became erratic in the magnitude of being such a repulsive person, he, seriously regretted his manic action that day.

Not only he knew he created a longer, deeper distance between them, he, as well as caused #3 a vast amount of distress.

He did not know the best way to apologize so he drew himself back from his comfort zone, from the three of them and hardly approached.

<to be continued> The Monogamy

As much as #3 tried to please and impress #2, things were unclear since #3 was busy analyzing every aspect of their intimate friendship. They were like, stuck at the flat horizon, more than best friends likewise less than a monogamy couple.

. . . . .

<to be continued> #3’s Feeling

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