They all have the same, I repeat, the same criticism though they did not reveal it simultaneously.

 Their remarks :

1) the way I adjust my seat and coordinate my steer was very uptight

2) totally drive like an amateur

3) I can’t measure the ideal distance on the road

4) Definitely scary (yes, they use the term ‘scary’, ‘heart racing’, ‘cardiac attack’, ‘great for suicidal’, etc, get the picture, right?)

5) thank God, I’m not the kind of fast driver−they said.

For the earliy days of my driving experience, it brought me down−enough for me to quit right away.

Lately, I’m just focusing on my development although it has been almost a year…………………………………. I still refuse to accept the statement : this is my maximum ability, the limit of my greatest driving skill, the best I can do, the end.

I can do better.

Focus yourself on the solution only.

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