The relationship between he and I has been getting distant since… I don’t know, I’m not sure.

Since I had a change of hobby? From playing in the playground (is this even a hobby??) to computer games?

Since I chose to secretly watch TV passed my bedtime?

Since I had my own desk in my bedroom?

Since my teenage years perhaps? When my Dad said  I weren’t cute enough like the little girl I used to be?

Since I became a 1-year vegetarian&vegan?

Since I became a young adult and apparently according to him, I couldn’t drive.

I’ve had twice driving lessons of Japanese cars and my Dad’s was an European car.

I suck at driving & he just keeps mentioning my failure over and over again.

There was the time that I’ve been asking him to teach me again yet he refused. I brought up the motorcycle alternative, still, he refused. Seriously, I felt like facing a dead end.

It spreads into these topics of career.

Do I have a dream (career)? What will I do next? How can I work without driving? How does my major in college help my personality?

Often we end up not talking because maybe we are just running out of (positive) topics.

I was used to be scared of him but since I gained my autonomy, I realized more of his disappointment of me rather than a frightening scolding.

I’m pretty scared I would regret how much time I’ve wasted of not getting to know my Dad, but I really don’t know how to fix or improve this relationship with him. Sometimes I wish to be able to read his mind.

Some days are great for us, we bond by seriously rare warm conversations.

How about your family?

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