Working Day on 19th December 2017

Hi, it has been 3 weeks since my last post, wow, I was very busy hahaha… Keeping up with the store, Korean dramas, Hidden City christmas version, saving up my money and many other things.

I sneezed and coughed a little bit on the second week. I thought I was doing okay… However, yesterday, I didn’t know what my body needed therefore, I became very weary.

The situation

I was in the middle of our plan, I’ve messed up the starter and tried to make it up (for my own satisfaction). I ignored my body and ultimately didn’t communicate to him about how tired I was. I forced myself to fulfill the plan and my body said that it just wanted to fall asleep… Seriously, like anywhere would do… At the car, the movies, anywhere…

I forced us to be on track of the plan and it was so messed up, really. My body shut down on the movies lobby and he couldn’t even enjoy his time while staying awake beside of me.

I slept for 2 hours and went back home…

Time is a really valuable mean and yes, I knew I was at fault for doing things on my own and didn’t show any positive results.

I tried to not be a PHP but I did it again with another alternative, I really wish I could be a better person and not hurting him like that.


About my financial situation, I am very satisfied with myself since I made some changes this month.

Like I’ve planned last month, first, I avoided eating out as much as I could. Second, I would buy skincare items if I’ve run out of them. Third, I didn’t use the car if my dad didn’t fill the gas hahaha.

Today, my finance report showed that I’ve successfully saved 49.3% of my income and it might went down a bit until the end of December…


House, lol

22 October 2017

Maybe today was the first REAL rainy day of the month!!!

A split second of thought was “well, nobody would come to the store since it’s raining like this.” However, I gathered my mind and thought “no, now I didn’t have any reason to be uncomfortable at work. It would be so nice to be at work!”

Here I am at the store and yes, this is freaking nice, man. Wow. The best air and weather this month.

28 November 2017

So, it has been a month and a week, huh… The weather has been really nice and just absolutely perfect. However, my business was being affected by it. Hmm, after hot unforgiving months and a quite good stream of sales… This past month felt slower.

Maybe it was something else too, maybe it was because of my performance too.

Anyway, I made some changes only these past few weeks, I saved some money.

Right now… I think I wanna get myself a house. Hmm, it seemed irrational though since I couldn’t get the exact calculation on my head. I didn’t set a goal this month since I was trying to go easy on myself as a newbie.

I looked at my personal finance report and there were three major expenses : Eating out, skincare and transportation. I’ve always been in a very good condition, my basic needs were fulfilled since I’ve been living with my Dad. No electricity, no gas or that kind of expenses. So, I guessed that I would try harder on December.

I would try to reduce those three major expenses :

Eating out, no more eating out (I have no social life whatsoever anyway, I just like food too much hahaha)

Skincare, I’m gonna choose the cheap ones and buy it per piece (not in a bundle like the usual)

Transportation, I’m not gonna go out unless it’s necessary like… Extending my driving license or buying groceries…

I saw my friends (or acquaintances), most of them looked okay, buying stuff on installments, not having a house like me, etc.

Then, I thought of myself, well, someday I needed a house, though so that I could live with my mom and by no means, I intended to leave my dad or anything… It’s just feels right, taking care of them. For my own sake, my own dignity, I guess.

I would try to go easy yet focused, to be aware of my weaknesses yet keep my spirit up to be determined on having stability in my life.

Just 2 more days and if it goes according to plan, I will be able to save 32% of my salary.

Clueless to be Considerate

I kept thinking about what he said, “I was probably got angry because he was helping someone else (not even in his inner circle).”

I knew for sure that wasn’t the case however, I kept thinking about it in my mind… What kind of thought process that went into his mind so that he concluded it that way.

I evaluated myself and yes, it could be perceived like that since he has helped me so much everyday though I said he didn’t need to do that. I accepted the possibility where he thought of me that way.

I didn’t like to get in the way of other people’s lives and didn’t know how to show my feelings other than setting him free to do what’s necessary, writing on others’ books and so on.

The truth was, I wasn’t angry or rejecting him at all. I wanted him to know that he needed to consider his own safety, working hours and well being. Well, I couldn’t do anything because I believed his feelings were important too. I didn’t know how to tell him that, unfortunately.

What I can do for now is not getting in his way.

That’s my resolution.

My Favorite Kind of Business Deal


I enjoyed a moment like this with my returning customer.

She came to my store then took out an empty lip cream and gave it to me without exchanging a single word.

I reciprocated by giving the brand new lip cream without saying a word.

I appreciated how she knew exactly what she wanted TREMENDOUSLY.

This kind of sleek, fast and accurate transaction.

New Thing About Ground Coffee


I’ve just started drinking latte by the mix of ground coffee beans and full cream milk this year. This was my “frugal” alternative as an espresso based beverage lover. Okay, I was clueless about the quality etc.

It was just around 16 October, I realized

“If coffee has gone bad, the pleasant aroma will be gone and with it much of the taste. Using this coffee will not harm you, but will just not have much flavor if the smell is gone. It may also lose its deep dark color and appear a lighter brown.” (source :

I tried to differentiate the color of the new and old ones however I failed. Another way was trying to smell them and the old one smelled more bitter. The taste was also deteriorating, I couldn’t describe it well except it tasted bland.

Anyway, the old one had been opened for 27 days and preserved on the pantry with room temperature.