Clueless to be Considerate

I kept thinking about what he said, “I was probably got angry because he was helping someone else (not even in his inner circle).”

I knew for sure that wasn’t the case however, I kept thinking about it in my mind… What kind of thought process that went into his mind so that he concluded it that way.

I evaluated myself and yes, it could be perceived like that since he has helped me so much everyday though I said he didn’t need to do that. I accepted the possibility where he thought of me that way.

I didn’t like to get in the way of other people’s lives and didn’t know how to show my feelings other than setting him free to do what’s necessary, writing on others’ books and so on.

The truth was, I wasn’t angry or rejecting him at all. I wanted him to know that he needed to consider his own safety, working hours and well being. Well, I couldn’t do anything because I believed his feelings were important too. I didn’t know how to tell him that, unfortunately.

What I can do for now is not getting in his way.

That’s my resolution.

My Favorite Kind of Business Deal


I enjoyed a moment like this with my returning customer.

She came to my store then took out an empty lip cream and gave it to me without exchanging a single word.

I reciprocated by giving the brand new lip cream without saying a word.

I appreciated how she knew exactly what she wanted TREMENDOUSLY.

This kind of sleek, fast and accurate transaction.

New Thing About Ground Coffee


I’ve just started drinking latte by the mix of ground coffee beans and full cream milk this year. This was my “frugal” alternative as an espresso based beverage lover. Okay, I was clueless about the quality etc.

It was just around 16 October, I realized

“If coffee has gone bad, the pleasant aroma will be gone and with it much of the taste. Using this coffee will not harm you, but will just not have much flavor if the smell is gone. It may also lose its deep dark color and appear a lighter brown.” (source :

I tried to differentiate the color of the new and old ones however I failed. Another way was trying to smell them and the old one smelled more bitter. The taste was also deteriorating, I couldn’t describe it well except it tasted bland.

Anyway, the old one had been opened for 27 days and preserved on the pantry with room temperature.


Working Day on 11th October 2017

What a coincidence, I wrote this exactly a week after my last post? Wow.

Although it was only a week… I felt that a lot has happened. My smartphone LCD was broken on the 2nd of October, spent a quite sum of money. For me, it was all worth it!! I needed this phone for working purposes and didn’t intend to spend more for a new one. Let me be honest, my dad encouraged me to buy a new one without any consideration. That means, I could manage to get a new one.

I intended to be more careful with my phone after that day. I holded myself back in spending money on leisure such as hanging out at the cafes, cinemas, malls for about 6 days. Afterwards, I spent a little, just enough for a meal or two…

I found out that my mom was having a flu 3 days ago but sadly, I couldn’t reach her, I mean, I called her everyday yet noone answered.

Since the 9th October afternoon to 10th October, my body felt so heavy as if I were binge eating plus I had a headache. All I wanted to do was sleeping on my bed all day, man, it was tough. I couldn’t think straight or focus like usual, man. Don’t even start about smiling or picking up stuff for my customers, I was already out of breath after opening my store’s entrance! It was that bad, my stamina was dropping a lot.

From yesterday, I have consumed 2 tablets of Ester C, 1 tablet of painkiller, had a massage with a lot of analgesic balm and 10 hour sleep per night.

Today, I felt a lot better, a lot lighter, no headache, my usual level of focus except for a bit strain on my back and neck. I was still getting my 3 hour rest in the middle of working day and if this is going better, I may shoot some pictures of a new brand on my store~ I am so excited because I have this new mini photo studio now~

Working Day on 4th October 2017

1 month and 5 days has passed since my last post about working on the store.

The fewer writings I had clearly shows how rarely I sat down and think. This kind of progress is not where I want to head on my life. Less reflecting and just fast forwarding to an event after another… So, here I am, having some downtime (’s definition is a time during a regular working period when an employee is not actively productive.)

See, I don’t know exactly the meanings of words that I picked and used in my writings, that’s why I often look up for them first on the web. I put effort in small details and Teacher also encourages us to do that because sometimes I see the result only, like, whether my writings were well written or contained these proper words… When I was only fascinated with my result then I would forget years of education in English, how fun it is to learn new words, to practice those words while socializing as well as in writings, the little details and my consistent effort.

September was wild… I talked to a few people about it, I mean, you all knew the end of August I’ve had some problems on my workplace. That’s my trigger.

I faced this problem then it led me to think of the bigger picture again and again. I have been working on this job for 1 year and a third period of time, right… I evaluated my decisions, dreams and actions throughout time. Until I found myself dissatisfied of certain things, see, I am still me who wants to have open possibilities ahead however, everytime I think about ending or changing careers… I came back to this conclusion : I haven’t done enough, I haven’t put my everything into this job.


September is when I kept having to-do-lists of small things, I put on a consistent effort and don’t care whether if it was slower than my expectation or it seemed futile. I rather kept progressing than forced myself to work until I reached a burnout. I mean, I tried to enjoy the process rather than seeing only the results of my work.

Environmentally wise, September was a hot summer and my workplace didn’t have AC. It could be worse because my AC on my bedroom didn’t work so well (it didn’t help much). I was used to be so weak on a warm place like that, I became tired faster and more moody usually. This is what Teacher always points out : Fortitude, we need to keep practising until we have that eventhough the external factors are not comfortable nor reliable to lift up my mood.

I spent my money on a smartphone for my mom, charging cables to replace our broken ones and some products to get the reviews of them. These necessary expenses plus leisure themed ones were affecting my capital. I’m still learning on managing money apparently~

I tried new things on September, I tried to be a better version of myself in the customer service/administrative, digital content, inventory and sales department. I tried to be available as much as I could, from after I finished my makeup on the morning until the time I went to bed. That’s how I change and kind of struggling to slow down and reflect on things.

Here I am, I could state this for sure that I knew the progress was “right” because it gave me some real results and yea, I’m gonna hustling for I don’t know how long… I would face problems and sweat through my work, it’s okay, as long as I have the conclusion that I work hard and put in everything to this.